About US

Who we are?

We are a group of doctors, health advisors and medical students interested in studying and researching in the field of diabetes.

We are not belong to any official or government agency, but we are in contact with many people interested in this field as well as patients around the world.

What’s our goal ?

Our goal is to limit the spread of this disease – as much as possible – by identifying its causes and discovering the best ways to treat it, as well as coexisting with this disease and reducing its symptoms.

Who can publish here?

Anyone who finds himself desirable and competent in this field is welcome here. As a visitor and as a writer.

How can you contact us ?

You can follow one of these methods to contact us:

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Follow us: fb..com/diabetusm

Email :

Email us : info@diabetusm.com

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Come here: 201140343368

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