Treatments For Type 1 Diabetes

Type  1 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes as it affects younger people of ages twelve or thirteen. It is the severest form of diabetes where insulin is not formed. Insulin is the hormone which helps the body for using blood sugar and glucose. This hormone is produced in Pancreas. When insulin is not produced, the cells of the body cannot use glucose for producing energy. This results in burning of fat that produces Ketones. If the level of this rises too high it can even results in death. The treatment includes injecting insulin in the bloodstream. This injection is pierced in the fatty layer of body which is buttocks or thighs. This helps in greater absorption of the insulin.

Treatments of type 1 diabetes are life long as it cannot be cured completely. Thus the person suffering from this disease should be fully aware of this condition and everything related to it. This will help in managing the disease effectively. The objective of this treatment is keeping the blood sugar level in control as high and low level can cause severe complications of health.

The treatments of type 1 diabetes includes –  Balancing the diet- the diet should be nutritious which has to be regularly taken at a specified time. Food which adversely affects this disease should be avoided.  Monitoring of the blood sugar level- blood sugar level can rise and fall drastically which can lead to various complications. Thus monitoring it through out the day is very important. It can be done with the help of home blood sugar meter.

Taking insulin- insulin has to be injected regularly. Insulin can be long-acting insulin, rapid-acting insulin or mix of these two.  Medical check-ups- routine check up by the doctor is of utmost importance as the doctor may adjust the insulin quantity according to the sugar level. Functioning of the kidney, eye and heart has to be regularly examined because fluctuations of sugar level adversely affect these organs.  Change in lifestyle- people suffering from this diabetes have to give importance to nutrition, exercise regularly and keep a watch on their weight.