Although diabetes is a very common disease, many people do not know about it. Increased cases of this metabolic disease should be a concern. Since prevention is better than cure, it is important to know about the disease in order to take preventive measures. The following are types of diabetes:

1) Type-1 diabetes  

This type of diabetes is paramount among new-born babies and children. Basically, it occurs as a result of an autoimmune body system. In this case, the body immune system fails to fight infections and ends up attacking non infectious body cells. Beta cells in the pancreas easily fall victim to the internal attacks and the victim’s body is unable to produce insulin. Common symptoms of diabetes type-1 include increased thirst, blurred vision and unexpected weight loss. The disease is treated by taking shots of insulin daily. If the patient fails to take the shot, they easily collapse to a coma which can be a life-threatening condition. The disease is also called juvenile diabetes because unlike other types of diabetes, it mainly attacks young ones.

2) Type-2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes is the most common of all the types of diabetes. The disease occurs because of inappropriate health lifestyles and family history. That means poor diet and lack of body exercise among adults is the main cause of the disease. Patients are non dependent on insulin treatment in the first stages. However, if the victim does not take any relevant measures, they ending being insulin dependant. Increased thirst and weight, frequent urination and fatigue are the major symptoms of Type-2 diabetes.

3) Gestational diabetes  

This disease is unique to pregnant mothers. The difference between Gestational diabetes and other types of diabetes is the fact that it goes away after pregnancy. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the mother or the child is not at a high risk of getting the disease later in their lives. The main cause of the disease is the change in hormonal balance of the pregnant mother. The disease is not common compared to other types of diabetes.