What is diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus or simply ‘diabetes’ is a chronic metabolic infection that results when the body fails to utilize the blood glucose commonly referred to as blood sugar. It occurs after the pancreas fails to release enough insulin to act on the sugar or when the body cells fail to respond on the produced insulin. As much as the blood glucose plays an integral part in our normal body functions, too much of it can trigger serious health issues. All the diabetic types are as a result of the infiltrated amounts of blood glucose in our bodies.

To have an incisive understanding of what diabetes is, one will have to understand the role insulin and know how the body regulates the blood sugar under a normal condition. Carbohydrates and sugar are processed in the liver to produce glucose that gives energy to the body. The insulin hormone, regulates the amount of sugar available in blood. With the increase in blood sugar, insulin will stimulate cells to absorb the sugar for their energy. The same insulin will also stimulate the liver to absorb the excessive sugar in blood and store it. The insulin levels falls in case the amount of sugar is low.

Glucagon is another hormone that regulates the blood sugar. It stimulates the liver to release the stored glucose for energy release in the body. From these explanations, so what is diabetes?

Diabetes, is therefore a condition that occurs when there in no sufficient insulin in the body to keep the glucose in the body in balance. These excess sugar damages blood vessels triggering a number of complications like stroke, heart diseases, eye damage, blindness and kidney failure. Diabetes will also raise your amputation chances to over 15% making it a more fatal condition.

With the increased consumption of sugary products, diabetes has been on the rise with over 30 million people being infected. A bigger fraction of the affected aren’t aware of having the infection with a high rate of new patients being diagnosed yearly. The rise of the infection curve has been on the zenith with more deaths resulting from the diabetic conditions. However, all these can be avoided if the patients follows the doctors medications more seriously and ensure that they have a proper diet. Monitoring the blood sugar level is also as important as you wanting to stay alive,and it should be done regularly. Diabetes still remains to be one of the dangerous diseases and it is better prevented than cured.